2010 Research Grants

The following Research Grants were funded by Winnetka Public Schools Foundation!

Crow Island

Research Based Interventions and Progress Monitoring for “At Risk” First Grade Students and Implications for Responsiveness to These Interventions

Building on the work that two Crow Island teachers have begun with a previous Research Grant, research of effective interventions for students with math difficulties will be conducted by extensive literature review and through seeking counsel from leading experts in the field by visiting programs at the University of Delaware, Vanderbilt University and RIPM (Research Institute on Progress Monitoring) at the University of Minnesota.

Hubbard Woods

Longitudinal Study of Student Development as Problem Solvers in Math, from Kindergarten through 4th Grade

This project, by a Hubbard Woods teacher, involves an extensive literature review and further work with staff from CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and at the Erickson Institute, to further understand how young children learn math concepts. This knowledge will then be used to help students in Kindergarten through 4th grade learn.  In addition, students will be interviewed each year through 4th grade and data will be collected to help staff further explore how our youngest students learn.

Skokie School

Implementing Writer’s Workshop in the Middle School Curriculum (Year 2)

This is the second year of funding for Skokie staff to explore Lucy Calkins’ Writer’s Workshop to help students develop into strategic and thoughtful writers and enhance their voice and ownership in their own words. Staff will also research how writing conferences with individual students enhances the student-teacher relationship as well as create authentic opportunities for the assessment of student writing and differentiation of writing instruction.

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