2011 Carlson Fund Grant

Charlotte L. Carlson - A Special Friend

Charlotte Carlson, circa 1939

Charlotte Carlson, circa 1939

The Carlson Funds are mentioned as being the source of support for several Foundation grants. So who was this special benefactor? Charlotte Carlson was a graduate of Northwestern University, earning both Bachelor and Master degrees. She was hired by Carleton Washburne and began her career at Hubbard Woods School teaching fourth grade. Charlotte later moved on to The Skokie School as a sixth grade Social Studies teacher and subsequently chaired the Social Studies Department.

As a teacher, Charlotte was known to be capable and positive. A fellow teacher recalls her as a “smiling upbeat lady (who) was at ease with her students who all seemed as cheerful in her presence as I was.” She was also known for her love of gardening and was in charge of the greenhouse at Skokie School. Charlotte left a long legacy in the community, teaching in the Winnetka Public Schools from 1935 through 1972.

When Charlotte passed away in 2002 at age 90, she surprised the recently founded Winnetka Public Schools Foundation with a very generous gift of $200,000. Half of this amount was designated as the Mary Keegan Science Funds in honor of a teacher by that name. It was specified that this money be used for the continuing education of science teachers.

The other half was an unrestricted gift that the WPSF board determined would be used to provide community education, to fund teacher initiatives and to support educator training.

The Foundation is grateful to Ms. Carlson for her generosity in providing these transformational gifts.

Crow Island

iPad Innovations for Speech-Language Pathologists & Special Educators

Special education supports those students needing expanded services and many tools are necessary to engage the students and to promote the ideals of the Language Arts curriculum. Utilizing technology as a tool not a prop has always been an area that teachers struggle with for support. Instruction for teachers in how to make better choices with their app selections, carry-over lessons learned within resource/speech, and support the curriculum for those students requiring that resource, were funded through a Foundation grant.


National Council on the Teaching of English Annual Convention

The National Council on the Teaching of English (NCTE) Annual Convention is the nation's foremost gathering of secondary English teachers. The NCTE program includes sessions on differentiation (presented by Rick Wormeli), conferencing during writing workshop (presented by Linda Rief), and implementing the Common Core Standards. These were all initiatives in District 36 and a Foundation grant enabled Winnetka's middle school teachers to attend the conference and connect with other English teachers from around the country.

Washburne, Greeley, Hubbard Woods & Crow Island

International Reading Association Annual Convention

The International Reading Association (IRA) Annual Convention is a gathering of literacy educators and experts from around the world. Attending this convention allowed Winnetka's teachers to connect with other teachers, hear prominent speakers in the field, and bring back ideas to share with the faculty and implement in the classroom. Attendance of this convention was funded through a Foundation grant.


Readers Workshop: Creating a Space For Reading Instruction, Grades 3 - 8

This webinar was a valuable tool in providing teachers with information about Reading Workshop as an instructional model. It promoted discussion and critical thinking about the merits of this model versus other models (whole-class instruction, small group guided reading, literature circles, etc.). Participation in this webinar was funded through a Foundation grant.

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