2011 Research Grants

The following Research Grants were funded by Winnetka Public Schools Foundation!

Crow Island

A Study of the Effectiveness of Early Math Screening of and Intervention for Students at Crow Island School from Spring 2011-Spring 2012

Continuing with research funded by a previous grant, staff gathered data from implementing a research-based set of intervention materials for struggling first grade math students in order to determine the effectiveness of this intervention. All data were shared with district first grade staff. This research was funded through the Foundation.


Using Learning-Centered Brain Research in Differentiating Teaching Strategies

Working with Dr. Judy Willis, a Neurologist and certified teacher who specializes in research on the brain and how students learn, helped staff to understand how to evaluate a child’s effectiveness as a learner. Ideas that were explored include: using advances in memory research to ignite student learning; examining ways to maximize and maintain attention and focus; increasing memory retrieval and creating long-term memory; employing brain-friendly instructional strategies; implementing strategic review; study and test preparation; and differentiating instruction for all learning styles. This workshop was funded through a Foundation grant.

Kodah’s Kids

Animal Assisted Therapy has been known to increase attention and improve social behavior in students. Foundation funds were used to see if this therapy would be helpful in a Greeley classroom. Data was gathered and analyzed on student interest levels and attitudes towards reading, as well as on the motivational, educational, and therapeutic benefits of the Therapy dog in a school setting.


Integrating Reader’s Workshop & Writer’s Workshop to Enhance the Reading and Writing Connection in the Middle School Curriculum

Use of the Writer’s Workshop program has resulted in remarkable progress and growth in student writing, which has motivated staff to incorporate this program into current practices for additional enrichment of the language arts curriculum. Staff attended the Summer Reading Institute at Columbia University and returned to share their newly acquired knowledge with all Skokie LA staff. Attendance of the Summer Reading Institute was funded through a Foundation grant.

All district 36 schools

Developing & Assessing the Implementation of Writing Workshop Curriculum

Over the past few years, the Language Arts curriculum has been revised in significant ways using research-based studies and input from district staff.  In the area of writing, our goal has always been to make our students more capable and confident writers. To meet this goal, the district has provided training by experts from the Reading and Writing Project of Columbia University. This Foundation grant supports research to evaluate the impact of the new programs on instructional practices, student growth, and teacher evaluation. Gathering, analyzing, and sharing experiences helps staff to further develop and revise the curriculum to best support the goals of our learning community.

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