2012 Initiative Grants

The following Initiative Grants were funded by Winnetka Public Schools Foundation!

Hubbard Woods

Legos in Motion

Building on the "Legos in School" project, this grant helped boost students' problem solving skills and creativity by generating more complex designs. Staff differentiated their instruction and presented their project at a regional conference.

Literacy Bags: Tools To Help Early Readers and Their Parents

Foundation funds were provided to supply Kindergarten families with books and accompanying activities to foster greater reading readiness. Parents read to their children and then talked about what was read. They followed related interactive activities to support comprehension. Topics included families and school, motivation, and reading together.


The Untethered 21st Century Learner

This grant gave students the physical tools to enhance their 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Students added the use of an iPad, Apple TV, and HDTV monitor to other technological equipment in the classroom so that they can share, teach, and present research projects more easily. This grant was dually funded by the Foundation (equipment), as well as the District Technology Department (apps).

Language Arts Resources for Teachers at the Skokie School

Funds were used to inventory, update, and build a new instructional set-book collection to enhance changes in Reading and Writing curriculum. Nonfiction titles were purchased. This grant was partially funded with Foundation funds (books), as well as with District curriculum writing funds (research, inventory, and creation of mentor texts).

The Skokie School Bake Club

Funding the Skokie Bake Club with a Foundation grant allowed students to do more than just bake. This grant allowed students who might have been experiencing difficulties transitioning, opportunities to further develop the social skills they needed to make new friends. It also gave them a chance to discuss difficulties they were experiencing, and/or ask questions that might be difficult to bring up in a larger group. Skokie Bake Club helped students find their niche, acquire new skills, and have fun in the process. This was the final funding opportunity for the Club.


SMART Response XE Interactive Response System

The purchase of the Smart Response XE Interactive Response System was dually funded by the Foundation (purchase of the system) and Washburne School. This system assists teachers with assessing student knowledge to aid with differentiated learning. It also allows teachers to assess for understanding through formal pre-assessments or to instantly check for knowledge, which will inform individual instruction. In addition, the system allows teachers to provide systematic assistance to children experiencing difficulty learning specific skills. Once struggling students are identified, teachers implement research-based instructional interventions.

An Apple a Day

To support students who receive special education services, the addition of iPads and a SMARTBoard were proposed to enhance instruction in the Washburne Special Education classroom. With this technology, teachers are able to enhance all subject areas, build organizational and study skills, enhance differentiation, and support executive functioning development for all students. Students' critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills have been improved, while enhancing their sense of creativity and innovation, and all of this was funded by a Foundation grant.

Polar Cardio GX Heart Rate System for Kinetic Wellness

Foundation funds were used to purchase a Cardio GX system that provides visual feedback for students as they work out. Instant feedback is given as students work to elevate their heart rates during workouts. This helps them better understand the five training levels and the benefits of each. They are now able to see how performances vary using different equipment and they are able to compare their efforts with those of their classmates. All data can be saved and tracked to better understand intensity levels so that students can perform at safe levels.

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