2012 Research Grants

The following Research Grants were funded by Winnetka Public Schools Foundation!


Getting 'Just Right Books' in Students’ Hands and Teaching Critical Thinking Strategies

Two 5th grade and two 6th grade teachers at Skokie used Foundation funds to allow them to research ways to improve their reading instruction. These teachers then built on that research by attending the 2011 Teachers College summer workshop on writing in order to better understand how to integrate language arts and social studies, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of that integration. These teachers then acted as mentors to support and guide other colleagues at the building and district levels.

all district 36 schools

Growing and Assessing the Implementation of a Writing Workshop Curriculum

District Literacy Facilitators, along with 1-2 teachers from each building, attended the Teachers College Summer Writing Institute. Language Arts instruction has changed in significant ways and, as a result, the district Language Arts Committee wrote a developmental curriculum and assessment program to align with the Common Core State Standards. Literacy Facilitators participated in the Lucy Calkins Professional Development Workshop and Coaches Institute. In addition, they have begun to research the effects that the training programs have on teaching our writing curriculum and the students’ progress and growth. Attendance of all workshops was enabled through a Foundation grant.

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