2016 Initiative Grants

The following Initiative Grants were funded by Winnetka Public Schools Foundation (Effective 2016-17 school year)!

  • All Winnetka Elementary students benefit from the Orff Musical Instrument upgrade that continues the Winnetka tradition of active music making.
  • Crow Island kindergarteners and first graders use “Simple Machines and Chain Reactions” to explore and solve tasks related to mechanical principles.
  • An outdoor courtyard is transformed into a collaborative learning space with the "Tinkering in Nature” grant at Greeley.
  • Geodesic Structures at Hubbard Woods investigate design thinking and construction.
  • Padcaster systems enhance the use of digital media at Skokie School.
  • Washburne received a TV Studio Upgrade with new technology that equips students to create more professional productions.
  • Seventh grade students at Washburne have their genetics curriculum elevated using “23 and Me” kits to analyze science teachers’ DNA.


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