Where Foundation Funds Go



WPSF gave over $100,000 to fund innovation grants for teachers, as well as Artists-in-Residence, across the five Winnetka Public Schools in 2018-19. To view the full list of grants, please look at our Annual Plan.

This year’s WPSF innovation grants foster growth and creativity in our schools. Some of these grants include:

  • newly integrated software which individualizes physical fitness and sport skills for Skokie and Washburne KW students.

  • a virtual reality (VR) paintbrush, which immerses Skokie students in their 3D art creations.

  • equipment to help Hubbard Woods students create one-of-a-kind, stop-motion animation films in an interdisciplinary study.

  • “loose part” outdoor play materials which spark collaboration, problem solving, design thinking and decision making for all district kindergarten students.

  • drones, which will be coded by students in all district elementary schools to fly safely through indoor obstacle courses.

  • a targeted interactive summer reading program at Skokie, which prevents “the summer slide” for 91 percent of participating students.