Where Foundation Funds Go

May 2017 Teacher Initiative Grants

(Effective 2017-18 school year)

WPSF gave over $100,000 to fund more than 20 grants to teachers across the five Winnetka Public Schools in 2016-17.  To view the full list of grants, please look at our Annual Plan.

A few highlights include:

  • Makerspace comes to Choice Time for Crow Island first graders with special materials to encourage collaboration, communication and problem solving.
  • Hubbard Woods students explore the principles of flight, aerodynamics and scientific concepts with a wind tube.
  • Integrated STEAM activities join the classroom at Greeley with new materials and sewing machines to allow students to design and create pioneer clothing.
  • The Skokie School's courtyard evolves to a hands-on outdoor classroom that brings multiple school subjects together.
  • Cutting edge microscopes using iPads and more sophisticated technology advance Washburne science classes.
  • The NAO humanoid robot travels between all district schools and provides a hands-on approach to programming and robotics.


For more information on Past Grants, visit our Past Grants page.