Foundation Funds At Work At Greeley

Becoming Pioneer People

Greeley students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into pioneer life by designing and creating pioneer clothing. WPSF funded materials to stock the Greeley makerspace with sewing machines, fabric and accessories. Children will collaborate and use self-management and mindfulness skills to stay focused on the design process.. Design thinking integrates math, reading, synthesizing, fine motor, and perspective taking learning - progressive education at its best. (Grant Recipients: Stephanie Conran, Laura Lieberman, Melissa Cook, and Mary Ellen Schulz, Greeley School)

10.12.17 Sewing Machines_0011 ppt_preview.jpeg

Mural Brightens Greeley Hallway

During the 2011-2012 school year, fourth grade students and teachers partnered with artist Beth Shadur to create “The Greeley Way,” an oversized mural in the school’s front hallway. Every day, as students walk into the building, they are reminded of the character traits Greeley encourages in its students: sharing, caring, and helping the community. This project was funded by the Winnetka Public Schools Foundation.

Part of “The Greeley Way” mural created by artist Beth Shadur and Greeley fourth grade students.

Part of “The Greeley Way” mural created by artist Beth Shadur and Greeley fourth grade students.

Other Examples of Past WPSF Grants

Tinkering In Nature

Tinkering in Nature transforms learning into a constructive and collaborative process through which students gain knowledge from personal experience. A Foundation grant helped staff at Greeley transform an outdoor courtyard into a collaborative learning space that will touch all student curricula with mathematical and science-based applications that connect with the natural environment.

“As children ask questions, deduce information from studies, and pose wonderings or hypotheses, this space allows them to explore their ideas, accentuate their creativity, and discover answers to their questions.” – Stacey Wellman, Greeley School

(Grant recipients: Ted Graf and Stacey Wellman)

Poetry Bill entertaining Greeley students.

Poetry Bill entertaining Greeley students.


  • Jennifer Armstrong, Pioneer Dance and Music, 3rd grade
  • Poet in Residence: Poetry Bill (A Child’s Voice)
  • Matt Lewis, Musician, who worked closely with Mary Jo Ferneding and the students on the Spring Sing

Leadership and Team Building (Social Emotional Learning)

  • Social-Emotional Learning Literature Book Groups
  • Fourth Grade Leadership Speakers and Supplies
  • Yoga Bash introduced into KW curriculum, teaching students stress management skills and healthy lifestyle skills (physical and emotional)