Foundation Funds At Work At Hubbard Woods

Learning Takes Flight

The new wind tube at Hubbard Woods is a playful and inventive approach to encourage students to explore the principles of flight.  Children in each grade learn about the impact that moving air has on a variety of everyday objects and explore scientific concepts and the principles of aerodynamics.  By understanding the concepts of drag, symmetry, turbulence, and gravity, the students will be able to develop their own flying objects and test them in the wind tube. (Grant Recipient:  Todd Burleson, Hubbard Woods School)

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WGST (World’s Greatest Student Television) celebratES 2000th show!

Under the watchful eye of Hubbard Woods teacher Todd Burleson, fourth grade students conceptualize, write, read, direct, and film in the studios of the WGST, initially funded in 2001 by Winnetka Public Schools Foundation. Since its founding, this program has grown and expanded to become an essential part of the school’s daily life.  

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Hubbard Woods students co-anchor the morning’s broadcast.

Hubbard Woods students co-anchor the morning’s broadcast.

The students participating in WGST learn a variety of skills, writing, public speaking, electronic management, and heighten their self-esteem, as they inform and enlighten their peers with the daily news. In a true testament to the staying power of this excellent initiative, WGN came to Hubbard Woods on Monday, May 18, 2015 to help mark the 2000th show of this wonderful, Foundation-funded program.

Other Examples of Past WPSF Grants

Encouraging students to explore design thinking and construction through a study of geodesic structures

Geodesic Structures

Geodesic structures are used to encourage students to explore design, spatial reasoning, and construction in a way that is exciting and new to them.

“ZomeTool building kits purchased by the Foundation will inspire creative thinking, spatial reasoning, discussion, and problem solving as Hubbard Woods students investigate how geodesic structures can be constructed and used in a wide variety of scientific, humanitarian, and utilitarian applications. Also, thanks to WPSF funds, students will assemble a portable, walk-in geodesic structure that will serve as a greenhouse to grow seedlings for the school garden.” – Todd Burleson, Hubbard Woods School

(Grant recipient: Todd Burleson)

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  • Mirtes Zwierzynski - Mosaic work, 4th grade
  • Jennifer Armstrong - Pioneer Dance and Music, 3rd grade
  • Donna Mandel - Dance sessions, Kindergarten
  • Ralph Fletcher - Writer working with staff and students

Leadership and Team Building (Social Emotional Learning)

  • Funding of Families projects (Kindness Connection, Good News Kitchen)
  • Piven Consultant, facilitate a workshop on “How to have Difficult Conversations” for staff and students
  • Bob Budzyoski - Poetry with all grades
A student uses the Math Racks.

A student uses the Math Racks.