WPSF In The News

Winnetka Public Schools Foundation is hard at work in your community! Check out the following articles about WPSF and its endeavors (click on the headlines to pull up the stories).

Skokie Students win Google film festival using WPSF granted equipment!

GEG Chicagoland Student Film Festival 2017

GEG Chicagoland Student Film Festival 2016-2017 Festival Winners

GEG Chicagoland Student Film Festival 2016-2017 Festival Winners


WPSF Phone-a-thon helps fund school extras

The Winnetka Current, February 14, 2017


WPSF Phone-a-Thon Initiative

Sheridan Road Magazine, February 2017

Phone-A-Thon rings in funds for winnetka students

The Winnetka Current, January 29, 2016


WPSF and The Book Stall Partner Together

The Winnetka Current, January 16, 2015

WPSF asks for donations through phone-a-thon

the winnetka current, february 6, 2015

Hubbard Woods Celebrates 2,000 Episodes of 'World's Greatest Student Television'

Chicago tribune, May 18, 2015

Young newscasters celebrate major milestone

WGN TV, May 18, 2015


The Winnetka Current, March 11, 2014

Forum to address Internet safety

the winnetka talk, march 6, 2014

Connected Kids_Winnetka Talk 3_6_2014.jpg

Phone-A-Thon to benefit Winnetka Public Schools

The Winnetka Talk, February 6, 2014

PhoneAThon Winnetka  Talk 2_6_14.jpg