Daily Impact of Foundation Funds

Exciting things are happening in Winnetka’s public schools, and many of those creative sparks began with grants from the Winnetka Public Schools Foundation. Some grants extend the core curriculum, while others inspire creativity and innovation in the classroom. Students of all ages benefit from these grants and many programs that started as Foundation grants are now essential parts of the curriculum.

The Buzz on Pollinators

10.5.17 Pollinators_0010 tight crop ppt.jpg

All District second graders will get up close with the new “Pollinators in Peril: Honey Bees” science kits.  Bee replicas, models, identification guides, books, and an engineering design challenge all demonstrate what plants need to grow and how plants depend on animals for seed dispersal and pollination. Students will learn the roles bees, insects, birds, and bats play in the pollination process and in the production of most fruits and vegetables. (Grant Recipients: Jean Bierner, Dan Miller, Jen Parkinson, and Eva Petersen, Crow Island, Greeley and Hubbard Woods)

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